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Welcome to the delicious world of

Con la Mosca Europe.


Loosely translated the Italian Con la Mosca means "With the fly".


But the meaning is much deeper than this seemingly strange name for an organization which, with dedication and passion, let the world meets incredible products within the field of foods and drinks.

Health, happiness and financial carelessness is the traditional meaning of the three coffee beans that are added in the very traditional Sambuca liquor in Italy. After wishing these three wonderful good lucks, the beans are even ignited.


And just this wonderful tradition can be found in everything Con la Mosca does. Bringing the passion of our dedicated producers together with our knowledge of FMCG, fooddesign, branding and marketing, we believe that our customers and the guests of our clients, can enjoy the pleasure and pureness of World's finest food.


Let us invite you to discover on why we think that Passion is the most important part of Vision, with the logical result that  we accomplish our Mission!

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