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Making and sharing products, just like in the old days..

You will be amazed to learn that today there are still traditional companies out there that can compete with the conglomerates in food and beverage industry. Only because of their passion for their craft and product.
Con la Mosca shares the passion of these producers. 


We also help them to manage the challenge by promoting their wonderful products outside their own country and by sharing with consumers in other countries and continents by rebranding and marketing.


The flesh of the lemons that we use to make our limoncello is just as important as the peeles that we ultimately use. Exactly the way the founders of this lovely liquor did it over a decade ago.


We monitor every very detail that the production remains fairly, both when it comes to the ingredients , but also in view of the environment and the working conditions.

We appreciate the passion of our producers.

Our customers appreciate our passion.

Passion rules!

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